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We would like to thank the reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions. We hope that our revised version meets with your expectations. Kind Regards, [^1]: **Competing Interests:**The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. [^2]: Conceived and designed the experiments: CWL RWH. Performed the experiments: CWL RWH. Analyzed the data: CWL RWH. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: CWL RWH. Wrote the paper: CWL RWH. Sequence analysis of cDNA clones coding for rat liver pyruvate kinase. The complete nucleotide sequence of five cDNA clones coding for rat liver pyruvate kinase was determined. The longest sequence (clone p2) was 740 nucleotides long and contained a single open reading frame encoding the predicted mature form of the protein. The amino acid sequence deduced from the cDNA sequence was compared to the predicted amino acid sequence of the protein purified from rat liver. From the analysis of this comparison it was concluded that the cDNA is probably the coding sequence for rat liver pyruvate kinase.Q: import time in python I am trying to change this code and i get a error like: import time from datetime import timedelta def pateador(date, delta): if delta > timedelta(days=60): return 0 return 1 def cargar(y, m, d): if (y == 0 and m == 0 and d == 0): def convertir(fecha): if fecha == '': elif fecha == ('0','00','000') or fecha == ('0000'): if fecha[-2:] == '-': fecha = fecha[:-2] if fecha.isdigit(): fecha = int(fecha) return fecha for i in range(



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Fifa 14 Pc Skidrow Crack V5 Update 2 Downloadl remmari

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