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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Would you make me "___" item?

a. Everything depends on a few elements, I have a quite specific list in here with the items i do and do not make. Everything will depend on what item your'e interested in, my facility to make the item, current commissions, deadline, budget and interest. No, I'm not interested in making a helmet/prop 20 other artists already made beautifully! Unless its something i've had in my to-do list for a while (: 

Q.  Custom/rare  items?

a. Most of the time I work with commissions from existing franchises with actual reference and fan-base, however I could take a custom designed item with enough reference. 

Why? A portion of my commissioned work, after its completed, will be sold as raw kits or fully finished kits in order to be able to offer reasonable pricing . If i were to make one of a kind item have in mind that a lot of time, money and work will be put into the project just to get one final copy. 

Q. How do I commission an item?

a. I have a convenient form that will guide you trough all the information I need in order to get you a quote. Feel free to let me know what you are interested in, most of the time I answer in less than 24 hours. 

Q. How much does "___" cost?

a. Again, it depends on what it is, a sword, helmet, gun? Everything can range from $300-1,500+ , but have in mind that I won't be able to produce an item that requires several molds, complex assembly and extent hours of work for $200,  as molding and casting materials alone are pretty expensive. I calculate the cost of an item depending on size, complexity and estimated build time.  If your'e interested in getting a quote or check availability on my commission schedule, feel free to email or fill the form in here .

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