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Custom Commissions 

Thanks for your interest in my work!


Due to the high demand on monthly orders I only take a limited amount of commissions throughout the year. So have in mind that even though i would love to make all of the things, i'm only available to take around 3-4 commissions per year!

I will answer emails regarding serious commissions that I am able to work with/have the proper time for. Most of the time I answer the email in less than 24 hours, so i promise ill get back to you as soon I can.

I recommend making the inquiry with a few months in advance, as that way its more likely Ill be able to work on your request.

Commission work

Commissions i do accept:​​

  • Swords/daggers

  • Guns

  • Helmets 

  • Masks

  • Staffs

  • Shields

  • Custom trophies 

  • Set design

Commissions i do not accept:

  • Full armor/costumes

  • Custom artwork 

  • Fabric work (capes, boots, suits,etc)

  • Re-cast/molding

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